• Daredevil #595 (110817)

    Daredevil #595 (110817)

     MAYOR FISK  Part 1New York City has fallen to Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin - Daredevil's greatest and deadliest adversary. Matt Murdock has the law and he has his superhuman abilities - but Fisk has an entire city on his side. What can one...

  • Daredevil Shi #1 (1997) Marvel Comics/Crusade Comics

    Marvel Comics

    Daredevil Shi #1 (1997)

    $2.95 Cover Price Daredevil Shi #1 (1997) Marvel Comics The Man Without Fear meets Crusade's Woman Without Peer! For the murder of her father and brother, the sohei known as Shi embarked on a violent vendetta. Now her revenge is complete and Ana...

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